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Peer review in sport and exercise science: What is it and what are the problems?

Kraksaan asian men seeking black women Professor Graeme L. Close and Professor Kevin Tipton This week I decided to take a look at peer review. This is on the back of conversations with several practitioners who were not fully aware of the process and therefore how less than credible papers can so easily slip into the literature. I am also delighted […]

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Number 8 – Is there finally something nutritionally we can do to alleviate the symptoms of the common cold?

adrift gay matchmaking services sudbury massachusetts Apologies for the lack of a blog for a couple of weeks. Life has been manic with my professorial lecture (you can view it here if you want to ),  and lots of RFU / Everton / LJMU work. Anyway, I’m back on track now and have a couple planned. Next week I will […]

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Number 7– Getting a job in Sports Nutrition (and keeping it)!

Close Encounters of the Nutritional Kind Number 7– Getting a job in Sports Nutrition (and keeping it)! I thought this week I would move away from the science and look at a topic I am often asked about – this being how do you actually get a job in professional sport nutrition. I am very […]

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Number 6 – Assessing energy intake – has the food diary been served its last supper?

This week has once again seen the assessment of energy expenditure using food diaries heavily criticised during the peer review process. I guess everyone who has had the misfortune and suffered the pain of collecting energy intake data and then analysing it using dietary analyses packages, understands the pitfalls and inaccuracies of energy intake; but […]

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Number 5 – Just because you can measure something does not mean you should?

OK, after stepping out of my comfort zone last week to discuss some aspects of nutritional behaviour change I am back on my “home ground” this week. I spend quite a lot of my time these days reviewing papers and abstracts and I am becoming increasingly aware that one thing that is really letting our […]

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